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nice to meet you, stranger. my name is parker and i'm a bubbly, warm, flirtatious creature who loves to make lasting connections with people from all walks of life. to me, pleasure and laughter are two of the most important things on earth. if we're not having fun, what's the point? my sense of humor is one of my biggest assets, as i tend to not take things too seriously, but that doesn't mean i  don't enjoy indulging myself in the greater luxuries life has to offer. i have an invigorating appetite for new experiences and am an independent thinker with radical opinions, ready to speak my mind. compassion and attentiveness are my strong suits as i love hearing people's stories. what's yours?

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brunette with blue eyes and porcelain skin
slender 5'6" and 130 lbs
no tattoos
size 8 shoe
dress size 6 / medium
bra size 36 C
likes : orange wine, film photography, lobster and crab, lingerie, fusion restaurants, 90s romantic comedies, socialism, christopher guest, unbridled goofiness, vintage clothing, indoor plants, camping, the smell of lavender, cottage getaways, indie music, memoirs, swimming, fostering kittens, chai lattes with oat milk, perfecting my eyeliner, a24 films, tipping well, anything lace, cross country skiing, delicate jewelry, activism, farm to table cooking, woody perfumes, unique candles, road trips with friends, chocolate souffle, modern art, picnics, drinking beer on the beach, radical kindness, the pacific northwest

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being a companion, i identify as a sort of social anthropologist. i believe every human on this planet is truly unique, that every person has their own story to tell. and what a gift it is for our stories to overlap! as a fervent empath, i invite you to let your guard down and allow our time together to inspire and transform you. 

whether we're enjoying a quiet rooftop dinner or spending the day at the beach, i can't wait to meet you and find out what makes you tick. perhaps you're looking for adventure - a night on the town to that new restaurant you've been dying to try or a trip to the aquarium, or maybe a quiet night in where we peel back each other's layers and get to know one another . either way, i'm your girl. 


variety is the spice of life, and i am thrilled to see people of all races, gender identities, body types, abilities and backgrounds.

safety is incredibly important to me. i have been fully vaccinated and expect clients to be as well. please do not book if you are feeling sick or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for covid-19.

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